Fast Fashion brings a new beat to Trends - WTIN article 2016

Read the first of our Trend Hub articles for WTIN magazine.

As a designer myself i know how hard it is for our community to get the PR it deserves, and so i'm very happy to announce that 14 International Designers have been featured in this report.

Beccy Bland, Alicia de Costa, Frances Shaw, Merve Aruta, Lizzie Clark, Ritu Srivastava, Catalina Gonzalez, Dorothy Otite, Maya ELB, Geoff Haley, Vicci Gibson, Jess Cooper, Diane Marsland, Maarten Pongee, Tabitha Mardle - Your work is beautiful!! 

There can be no doubt that fast fashion and the use of digital print techniques have transformed our industry forever. The consumer demands an ever faster stream of products delivered to the market in super-fast time frames; changing the buying patterns of retailers, large and small. With almost half of the world’s population being online for 2017, retailers must realise new opportunities to engage and excite their customers and drive online sales. This year we have seen the high street giant TopShop join forces with google to stream their Topshop Unique catwalk feed live through google search and, for September, for the first time consumers will be able to buy the products online live from the catwalk......

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Written by: Debbie McKeegan