Digetex are an Award Winning Digital Print service provider based in the UK. We provide high quality custom printed fabrics including Cottons, Silks, Linens, Polyesters, Fire Retardant Fabrics, Papers and Wallcoverings.

Based in the UK in our own customised factory our specialist team digitally print utilising the worlds most innovative technology. 

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Our award winning business has been built an a rich British Textile Heritage incorporating over 100yrs industrial experience in all aspects of manufacture.

As a talented bunch of highly skilled creatives and technicians, we digitally print your patterns to produce beautiful bespoke printed fabrics suitable for Fashion, Homeware, Furnishings and Upholstery. For Contract Interiors we offer an extensive range of FR Textiles and Wallpapers for the Hospitality, Healthcare, Leisure and Events industries.

Digetex also provide specialist Contract or Retail bespoke wallpapers, Branded Retail display, Event graphics, Customised Roller blinds, Promotional merchandise, Bespoke personalised sewn products and customised manufacture.




Beautiful Fabrics + Wallpaper: Giusy Pirrotta - Installation Venice

Beautiful Fabrics + Wallpaper: Giusy Pirrotta - Installation Venice

Client Case Study:

Guisy Pirotta commissioned us to print their designs onto both fabrics and wallpapers. The installation at the Galleria Massimo de Luca, Venice.

"For this exhibition the design of wallpaper and fabric is made by the artist, who uses botanical and floral imagery as an illusionary surface able to transport the viewer somewhere else.
This use is thought also in relation to the study of the early Movie Theatres, especially the Atmospheric Theatre designed by John Eberson, who recreated the outside inside the Cinema space through the reproduction of fake gardens, the sky and house's facade around the screen. The viewer's gaze was travelling in and outside the screen during the experience of the film and the Movie Theatre was not completely darkened out."





May 03, 2017 by debbie mckeegan
Read our Article for WTIN - 6 Pages of Top Design Trends 2017

Read our Article for WTIN - 6 Pages of Top Design Trends 2017

It’s often difficult to sift through the noise of marketing but for a designer it’s a necessary gift. Predicting trends is an art form. Absorbing inspiration and then somehow finding the pulse of the strongest themes for your industry and timeline. For my own part, I have always trusted my instincts. Never intentionally following the crowd, but aiming to seek out what the client, or target market, wants next with a commercial eye. And so, as the runways and Interior showrooms of Paris, New York and London come to a close, let’s reflect on their influence with a brief look at the strongest trends for the next 6 months. READ MORE >

I'm very happy to announce that 15 designers have been featured! Congrats to you all!

Take a look at our 6 page Trend Hub article, and be sure to sign up to our social media channels to be featured in the next article for our Design Community! 

*Special Thanks to the Editorial team at WTIN ( World Textile Information Network )

Who support our company mission to engage the Print and Design industries to Collaborate and Nurture Creative Talent. 

Skip to page 50 for 6 pages of Exciting Trends! 


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April 20, 2017 by debbie mckeegan
Look at our New Trade Prices!!....We offer premium Quality and exceptional Value

Look at our New Trade Prices!!....We offer premium Quality and exceptional Value

Its has been a busy start to the year for the Digetex Team...{ drumroll } and we are happy to announce that the refurbishment of our entire Print Department is now complete!

After a massive investment spread over the last 12 months, Digetex have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to install new digital print machines and associated technology for ALL our manufacturing lines!

New manufacturing channels are now established for: Cotton - Polyester - Silk - Fire Resistant fabrics - Wallpaper 

We can now pass on our efficiency savings to our loyal customers!

Our trade prices have been reduced to reflect our efficient manufacturing practices!


Let us help you grow your Business!! 

"Customised Digital Print and Sewn Manufacture"


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