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Do you need to print your own designs for Domestic or Contract use? Digetex are the Digital Print Bureau Custom Printing high quality Cottons, Silks, Linens, Polyesters, Fire Retardant Fabrics, Papers and Wallcoverings.

Based in the UK in our own customised factory our specialist team digitally print utilising the worlds most innovative technology. Shipping to clients worldwide.

With no minimum order - Choose just 1m, 500m or more the choice is yours. CONTACT US NOW

Our award winning business has been built an a rich British Textile Heritage incorporating over 40yrs industrial experience. 

As a talented bunch of highly skilled creatives and technicians, we digitally print your patterns to produce beautiful custom printed fabrics, contract or bespoke personalised wallpapers, branded retail display, event graphics, promotional merchandise or bespoke personalised products.

Our clients are Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, Architects and Specifiers, Designer Makers, Creatives, Hotels, Contract Clients, Independent Retailers and Artisan Crafts people all over the World.

We offer exceptional value, our buyers work hard to source high quality consumables so that we can pass on the savings to you here in the UK. Our products are both affordable and high quality we do not cut corners.

Digetex offer Trade discounts plus we also sell direct to the public and retail clients. We are friendly knowledgeable digital artisans.

Speak to the team for expert advise 0161 873 8891 or email anytime if you prefer enquiries@digetex.com


Customised Design is making new demands on our Industry?

Customised Design is making new demands on our Industry?

Take a read of our latest article for whichplm:

Why do we crave that unique item? Something nobody else has, our own look and personalized design statement. Is this the kickback from the Primark generation, no longer happy with mass produced items offered at low price points?

Luxury goods have long since been personalised, but previously only afforded by the elite. In today’s market, customized manufacture is now the fast growing sector of the marketplace.

Wonderful customised umbrella's to match your car from Vikki Gibson  Choose your own pattern for you car? featuring designs from Vikki Gibson

Early on perhaps it started with a phone case or a pair of Nike’s trainers, but there is no doubt that today’s consumers now have the confidence to create both Fashion, Interior and lifestyle accessories for their own use. What’s more, they will mix luxury items with high street purchases alongside customized products, forging an eclectic style that applies to both fashion and homewares.

The design community has expanded across multiple markets and, with it, the creative opportunities for surface pattern designers, once pigeon holed to their own industry. A textile designer, for instance, would be a specialist in one field: fashion or home furnishings. This no longer applies; a print designer could be working on projects for apparel, swimwear, wallpaper, Interiors or even car decoration simultaneously.

Pattern now stimulates our visual life at every level.

Graphics and surface pattern are now entwined. Read More >


All images courtesy of Vikki Gibson - Illustrator



July 14, 2016 by debbie mckeegan
Designing for a Digital World

Designing for a Digital World

For WhichPLM's Expert Board, Debbie McKeegan. A pioneer in digital print, Debbie discusses the explosion of digital print, the integrity of design, and Europe’s textile industry, whilst summarizing the variety of ink sets currently available to us (including which set works best with which product or market), as well as fabrics and print partners.

That said, with a whole new set of creative tools and manufacturing options how does a designer create and supply the perfect product and choose the correct print solution?

Professional Digital Print for bespoke Home Decor

What’s often overlooked is the product knowledge, commercial discipline and the expectations of both the manufacturer and the end user.

If you’re a pure creative and only produce artwork then delivering a beautiful design utilizing highly versatile software to the manufacturer will be a simple task in today’s world. But beyond design, bridging the gap between the creative’s vision and the final product will need all the expertise of a commercial textile designer and a complex knowledge base of a manufacturing industry.

Read More > http://www.whichplm.com/editors-choice/design-in-a-digital-world.html

We are a collaborative company and work with designers worldwide. Sharing both design knowledge and our print expertise. Join our worldwide design community and enjoy the freedom professional Digital Print offers for your business.

www.Digetex.com   www.debbiemckeegan.com   www.SurfacePatternPrint.com

Contact us: 0161 873 8891  For Press and Design + Community enquiries : DebbieMc@Digetex.com

May 24, 2016 by debbie mckeegan
Looking Back - The Dawn of Digital Print

Looking Back - The Dawn of Digital Print

In her first guest article with WhichPLM, Debbie McKeegan, writes about the evolution of digital printing. Debbie is well averse in this world, and sits onWhichPLM’s Expert Board as a pioneer in digital print. As someone who entered the industry decades ago, Debbie has a lot to share.

I began my career at the advent of CAD technology entering the market, in the mid to late 1980s. And I was immediately hooked. A design world pre-Adobe Photoshop, where designers used drawing boards and (now redundant, if not forgotten) colour photocopiers were seen as an innovative, valued design tool. Every pattern was hand painted using ink, gouache or watercolour techniques. Vast design studios operated throughout Europe and the US employing thousands of people; design budgets were huge, and travel linked to trend and inspiration was excessive.


All images copyright SkeensS


April 13, 2016 by debbie mckeegan